Cardio drumsticks make great gifts for drummers who like working out or anyone looking for a fun way to get a great cardio workout! Take a look at our picks for the best weighted cardio drumsticks for fitness drumming classes and exercises.

1. Fitness Rockstar Drumsticks

The Fitness Rockstar Drumsticks weigh 2.3oz each (4.6oz pair weight) and are 16.33 inches long. Designed specifically for high tension movements, these weighted exercise drumsticks can not only help improve your fitness but also your rhythm, speed, endurance, and musicality.

These fitness drumsticks are made of strong and long-lasting nylon plastic, which makes them more shock-resistant than wooden drumsticks. They also feature anti-slip handles to help keep you from losing them.

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2. CardioStix Plus Weighted Drumsticks

If you prefer the feel of wooden drumsticks to plastic ones, these CardioStix Plus Weighted Drumsticks feature the American flag design and are made from American Hickory wood. Weighted at 2.5oz (5oz pair weight) and measuring 16 inches long, these patriotic exercise drumsticks are eye-catching and built to last.

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3. CardioStix Bundle 8oz Heavy Weighted Drumsticks

If you’re looking for a challenge, these exercise drumsticks might just be the heaviest on the market!

The CardioStix Bundle Highest Weighted Drumsticks are 8oz, 16 inches long, and made with strong, durable American Hickory wood. Its anti-slip grip handles ensure that you don’t lose your grip while you’re sweating, dancing, singing, and having fun at your cardio drumming session.

These heavy cardio drumsticks also come with a handy travel bag for more convenient carrying.

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Bonus: Cardio Drumming At Home Workout Program for Beginners

If you are new to cardio drumming or just want an alternative fitness drumming program that you can do at home, check out the POUND Rockout Results System.

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