French Toast

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The Rock’s French Toast Video
Chef PK’s Take on The Rock’s Brioche French Toast
Kitchen Tools & Accessories

The Rock’s French Toast Video

The Rock’s diet and workout regime has been known to raise more than a few eyebrows and inspire people to challenge themselves mentally and physically as they try to follow his meal and exercise plans.

Equally as eyebrow-raising and (some would call) inspirational are The Rock’s cheat day meals, which can be as much as 6,000 calories in a single meal.

From The Rock’s cheat meal list of a huge stack of pancakes (12 pancakes) to 4 pizzas, 21 brownies, 5 pints of ice cream, 6 platters of sushi and more, there may not be a cheat meal as famously mouth-watering as The Rock’s Brioche French toast. Check it out below:

Chef PK’s Take on The Rock’s Brioche French Toast

If you are looking for The Rock’s French toast recipe to try at home, Chef PK (Paul Karvakos) has put together an incredible recipe inspired by The Rock’s Toast video. See it here:

YouTube Channel: CHEFPK

The full recipe is in the YouTube video’s description, and it includes ingredients needed for the batter, Teremana whipped cream, and Teremana maple syrup.

Go to the video >

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More From Chef PK

With 14 years of experience in the food industry, Chef PK offers a unique twist on food with his new cookbook AniBites: Anime and Video Game Food – IRL Vol. 1.

AniBites: Anime and Video Game Food – IRL Vol. 1 features recipes inspired from Foodie Friday, Food Wars, Monster Hunter, and more as well as full Manga style illustrations.

Check out Chef PK’s anime and video game cookbook on Amazon.

Kitchen Tools & Accessories

If you are looking for kitchen tools and accessories to help you create Chef PK’s version of The Rock’s Brioche French toast masterpiece, check out these affordable baking and cookware sets for beginners:

WEPSEN 22 Piece Mixing Set

Includes a lightweight electric hand mixer with attachments, 6 mixing bowls, measuring spoon set, and measuring cup set.

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Home Hero 23 Piece Kitchen Utensil Set

Features non-scratch and flexible silicone spatula, grater and peeler, scissors, pizza cutter, potato pusher, and more.

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A couple of extra handy kitchen gadgets that are not required but you may enjoy using for this recipe include:

Presto 22 Inch Electric Griddle

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Winco Jigger with 1 oz & 2 oz Measurements

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