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The Chopper Fitness System by ChopFit is a unique functional trainer system that is great for home workouts or for workouts on-the-go. Combining chopping movements with total body dynamic exercises, the ChopFit Chopper is perfect for anyone looking to improve their strength, endurance, coordination, and power in a fun and unique way.

Watch the ChopFit Start Guide below for an introduction on how the Chopper works:

YouTube Video: ChopFit | Start Guide | Chopper Training
YouTube Channel: ChopFit

The rotational motion from ChopFit workouts help improve your core stability and its fluid exercise motions are non-weight bearing to minimize adverse effects on your joints. Your shoulder mobility and flexibility also benefit from the rotational movements.

There are two weights offered by ChopFit:

  • Chopper: 4 lbs
  • Chopper Pro: 7 lbs

The 4 lb Chopper has a workload that goes up to 16 lbs, which means it can feel as heavy as 16 lbs depending on weight distribution. Holding the Chopper closer to the top of the handle will give you a lighter feel while holding it further down the handle will give you a heavier workload.

The 7 lb Chopper Pro has a workload of up to 32 lbs. Both the Chopper and Chopper Pro are the same size (20.25″x6.75″x2.75″) and come with a carry bag as well as a wrist strap. ChopFit exercises are flexible and allow you to use one Chopper, two Choppers or the Chopper Head Handle.

ChopFit Chopper Exercises & Workouts

Workouts are available in the ChopFit iOS and Android apps. There are approximately 60 pre-built circuits and multiple variations of exercises, workouts, and challenges to choose from. There are no subscription fees or premium purchases within the ChopFit app.

You can also view demonstrations of different Chopper exercises via YouTube:

How Do I Clean & Store the Chopper?

Cleaning the Chopper is quick and easy. All you have to do is wipe it down with a damp washcloth.

If you want to include the Chopper as part of your home gym setup, you can easily hang your Chopper on a pegboard organizer or just set it on top of a dumbbell utility rack when not in use.

Pegboard Organizer

Dumbbell Utility Rack