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How To Do Staggered Push-Ups
Staggered Plyometric Push-Ups
Alligator / Crocodile Push-Ups
More Push-Up Variations & Challenges

How To Do Staggered Push-Ups

Staggered push-ups are a variation of the traditional push-up designed to help you strengthen either side of your upper body.

Beginning at the top of a push-up position, move one hand slightly forward and one hand slightly back with your feet a hip’s width distance apart.

Perform a push-up, then switch your hand positions and repeat.

Watch a demonstration below:

YouTube Channel: John Garey TV

Staggered Plyometric Push-Ups

You can advance the staggered push-up by adding an element of plyometrics. See how to do staggered plyo push-ups below:

YouTube Channel: Romeo Gerhardt

Alligator Push-Ups

Another way to advance the staggered push-up is by traveling forward like an alligator. The alligator push-up is sometimes called the crocodile push-up, lizard push-up or gecko push-up.

See how it works below:

YouTube Channel: Cleveland Area Rucking Crew

Push-Up Variations & Challenges

For more push-up variations and advanced push-up challenges, check out the following resources.

Barlates Body Blitz Push Up Challenge

10-minute push-up challenge to hit every angle of your upper body through a variety of different push-ups.

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Convict Conditioning, Volume 1: The Prison Pushup Series

Learn how to go from simple wall push-ups to the prison-style one-arm push up in ten progressive steps.

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Push Ups: For Everyone– Perfect Pushup Workouts For Muscle Growth, Strength and Endurance

Perfect for people of all fitness levels, this book by David Nordmark features an exhaustive list (along with instructions and pictures) of push-up variations from beginner to advanced as well as instructions on how to train for 100 push-ups.

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