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How To Do Spiderman Push-Ups
More Push-Up Variations & Challenges

How To Do Spiderman Push-Ups

Spiderman push-ups are a great exercise for activating your obliques and core while improving your balance, coordination, and hip mobility.

To perform a spiderman push-up, start at the top of a traditional push-up position. As you are going down towards the ground into a regular push-up, raise one knee up and towards your elbow, touch them together while you are at the bottom of the push-up, then lower your leg down to its starting position as you come back up to the top of the push-up. Continue by alternating sides.

Check out the following demonstration videos on how to do a spiderman push-up:

YouTube Channel: Howcast
YouTube Channel: Precision Movement by Eric Wong

Push-Up Variations & Challenges

For more push-up variations and advanced push-up challenges, check out the following resources.

Barlates Body Blitz Push Up Challenge

10-minute push-up challenge to hit every angle of your upper body through a variety of different push-ups.

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Convict Conditioning, Volume 1: The Prison Pushup Series

Learn how to go from simple wall push-ups to the prison-style one-arm push up in ten progressive steps.

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Push Ups: For Everyone– Perfect Pushup Workouts For Muscle Growth, Strength and Endurance

Perfect for people of all fitness levels, this book by David Nordmark features an exhaustive list (along with instructions and pictures) of push-up variations from beginner to advanced as well as instructions on how to train for 100 push-ups.

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