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How To Do One Arm Push-Ups
One Arm Push-Up Progression

How To Do One Arm Push-Ups

One arm push-ups, also known as single-arm push-ups, are an advanced push-up variation that helps to work your core muscles along with your chest, shoulders, and triceps.

One of the most important things to know about one arm push-up form is that it is less of a pressing exercise and more of a corkscrew movement.

See Performance University founder Nick Tumminello’s demonstration video below on how to do a proper one arm push-up.

YouTube Channel: Performance U

One Arm Push-Up Progression

Split into two parts, this instructional video by Mike Fitch of Global Bodyweight Training takes you through 11 variations that lead beginners from a hands elevated push-up to the advanced single-arm push-up.

Below is a step-by-step video breakdown to help you practice each push-up variation at your own pace.

Part 1: Two-Arm Push-Up

Baseline: Hands Elevated Push-Up

Progression 1: Bent Knee Push-Up

Progression 2: Bent Knee Positive, Full Negative

Pinnacle: The Push-Up

Part 2: Single-Arm Push-Up

Baseline: Bent Knee Archer

Progression 1: Full Archer Push-Up

Progression 2: Sky Diver Negative

Progression 3: Full Sky Diver Push-Up

Progression 4: Single Arm Negative, Double Arm Positive

Progression 5: Single Arm Negative, Partially Assisted Positive

Pinnacle: The Single Arm Push-Up

Also available via Amazon Prime is Paul Wade’s Prison Push-Up Series, which teaches you how to progress from wall push-ups to one arm push-ups in 10 progressive steps. Check it out on Amazon.