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How To Do A Negative Push-Up
Best Push-Up Equipment: Push-Up Bars

How To Do A Negative Push-Up

Negative push-ups are a great way to build size and strength. The only difference between a negative push-up and a traditional push-up is the speed.

In a negative push-up, when you lower yourself to the ground, you do it slowly in a 5-second count, then you squeeze your chest and bring yourself back up to the top of the push-up quickly.

Watch a demonstration below:

YouTube Channel: SchneiderFitness

If you can’t do a traditional push-up on your toes yet, you can also use negative push-ups to help you progress from push-ups on your knees to push-ups on your toes.

YouTube Channel: FitWitFitness

Best Push-Up Equipment: Push-Up Bars

Did you know that push-up bars and handles are great for reducing strain on your wrists and elbows? If you are looking for equipment to help take your push-up skills to the next level and reduce some of the stress on your joints, check out these popular push-up bar options available on Amazon.

CAP Barbell Pair of Push-Up Bars

These slip-resistant push-up bars by CAP Barbell are designed to improve your positioning for push-ups by giving you more range of motion. Featuring foam covered handles for comfort and rubber foot pads for stability, you can use these push-up bars to target your chest, shoulders and back muscles.

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AmazonBasics Push-Up Handles with Rotating Base

These push-up handles by AmazonBasics include a detachable smooth-rotating base that help to engage more muscles as the handles move slightly during your push-up exercises.

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