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How To Do Knuckle Push-Ups
Martial Arts & Boxing Punch Training Equipment & Resources

How To Do Knuckle Push-Ups

Also known as fist push-ups, knuckle push-ups are a favorite exercise of boxers and martial artists to strengthen their wrists and condition their knuckles for more impactful punches.

Note that knuckle push-ups fatigue your wrists much faster than traditional push-ups, so be cognizant of not overdoing this exercise and stay within safe training limits.

Check out these videos for examples on how to position your fists for knuckle push-ups and learn more about how they benefit your punching power for martial arts and boxing.


The following video includes 3 best push-ups for strengthening and lengthening your punching power:

  1. Head to Hands (Skull Crusher) – best for building powerful straight jabs and crosses as well as a strong cover
  2. Uppercut Push-Ups (Planche Push-Up from Knuckles) – best for building uppercut power
  3. Archer Push-Ups – best for building hook power
YouTube Channel: Fight Fearless

Martial Arts & Boxing Punch Training Equipment & Resources

For more powerful punch training equipment and resources, take a look at these different options for improving your punches.

Move It Smart Punching Bag Freestanding Reflex Boxing Ball With Bluetooth Sensor

This is the world’s first smart boxing ball that includes a 6-axis gyroscope sensor capable of detecting and calculating punch intensity from multiple directions. From direction to tempo, accuracy, total punches, and average strike speed, get valuable feedback on your punches with punching performance data offered at the end of your workout session.

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Nexersys N3 The Personal Boxing Trainer – Microsoft PlayFab

This interactive fitness trainer helps you learn striking techniques with boxing and MMA style training. With feedback delivered in real time, you can track your progress and evaluate your accuracy, strikes, and power.

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Mastering Krav Maga Hook and Haymaker Punch Defenses

This 21 minute video teaches you how to master the Krav Maga core hook/haymaker punch defenses and preferred counterattacks. This video is perfect for anyone who wants to get started in learning self-defense techniques.

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