The Octane Q37xi Elliptical Machine by Octane Fitness is comfortable, offers a natural movement and flow, and is made to last. The Q37 model is a multiple award-winning elliptical training machine that can easily become a part of your home gym setup or if you actually own a gym, health club or fitness center, it would make a great addition to your arsenal of workout equipment.

Working more than just your lower body, the multigrip handlebars also allow you to target a variety of different muscle groups in your upper body including your arms, chest, and back simply by changing your grip. The multigrip handlebars include contact heart rate sensors along with fingertip controls so that you can easily adjust the speed and resistance of your elliptical machine.

With 3 placement options for a tablet, you can watch movies, read a book, or even surf the web while you are exercising.

There are 72 workout programs available via the Octane Fitness app, which helps break up the monotony of working out on an elliptical while also providing advanced levels that you can progress through. The integrated SmartLight technology offers different feedback signals to indicate if you are in your target heart rate zone and when to prepare for the next interval in a Workout Booster or Cross Circuit.

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