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How To Do A Modified Push-Up
Modified Push-Ups: Common Mistakes
Best Push-Up Equipment: Push-Up Bars
Advanced Push-Up Equipment: Push-Up Machine

How To Do A Modified Push-Up

If you are looking for instructions on how to do modified knee push-ups, check out certified fitness instructor Jill Brown’s video on various ways that you can modify a push-up according to your fitness level.

YouTube Channel: eHowFitness

Modified Push-Ups: Common Mistakes

Below is another great video with additional insight on the three most common mistakes people make when doing a modified push-up on your knees (also known as kneeling push-ups / press-ups) so that you can double-check your form.

YouTube Channel: Get Exercise Confident

Best Push-Up Equipment: Push-Up Bars

Did you know that push-up bars and handles are great for reducing strain on your wrists and elbows? If you are looking for equipment to help take your push-up skills to the next level and reduce some of the stress on your joints, check out these popular push-up bar options available on Amazon.

CAP Barbell Pair of Push-Up Bars

These slip-resistant push-up bars by CAP Barbell are designed to improve your positioning for push-ups by giving you more range of motion. Featuring foam covered handles for comfort and rubber foot pads for stability, you can use these push-up bars to target your chest, shoulders and back muscles.

See these push-up bars on Amazon

AmazonBasics Push-Up Handles with Rotating Base

These push-up handles by AmazonBasics include a detachable smooth-rotating base that help to engage more muscles as the handles move slightly during your push-up exercises.

See these push-up handles on Amazon

Advanced Push-Up Equipment

Iron Chest Master Push-Up Machine

If you are looking for more advanced push-up equipment, the Iron Chest Master Push-Up Machine combines the exercises of the bench press, dumbbell press, push-ups, cable-crossover, pec deck, and dumbbell fly for an even wider range of muscle activation.

This revolutionary home fitness equipment utilizes resistance bands to provide up to 60 total lbs of resistance (30 lbs each side) and 46% more peak muscle activation than a standard push-up through its “arc movement.” This home workout equipment comes fully assembled, is easily stored, and ultra portable.

Other upgraded models offer up to 120 total lbs of resistance.

See this push-up machine on Amazon