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Also known as brown eagles, rocking chairs or Aztecs, prison-style burpees are an advanced burpee exercise that improve your cardio, endurance and total body strength.

The prison burpee move works like this:

  • Start in a standing position
  • Strike your chest with your fists
  • Strike your stomach with your fists
  • Strike your legs with your fists
  • Touch the ground
  • Bring your hands back up in the air while doing a squat thrust on your toes
  • Place your hands back on the ground
  • Jump your feet back into a plank position
  • Do a push-up
  • Jump your feet forward towards your hands
  • Return to a standing position

Watch a demonstration by Moses Cuevas below (starts at 1:35):

You can also follow along to Burpee King’s 23-minute Prison-Style Burpee Workout Routine below:

YouTube Channel: Burpees King

If you are looking for an even more advanced prison burpee workout, check out the rest of Moses Cuevas’s video to see how he increases the difficulty of the prison-style burpee workout.

YouTube Channel: MOSES CUEVAS

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