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Scuba Diving Mask Clearing Tips

From an improperly fitted mask to an overtightened strap, a warped silicone seal, hair or debris trapped underneath the mask skirt and more, there are a variety of reasons why water might enter your mask during a dive, which makes learning how to clear your mask an essential diving skill.

To clear a flooded scuba mask, begin by inhaling through your mouth. Use both of your hands to keep the top seal of your mask in place by pressing inwards along the top ridge of the mask. Then exhale through your nose as hard as you can and tilt your head back. The exhaled air will push the water out through the bottom of the mask.

It may take more than one breath to completely clear your scuba mask. Once you have cleared your mask, you can press it to your face to seal it.

Check out the following video for a demonstration on how to clear your mask:

YouTube Channel: Dive Training Magazine

How To Clear A Scuba Mask With A Purge Valve

If you have a scuba mask that includes a purge valve and you want to clear the mask, you would still secure the top seal but instead of tilting your head back as you exhale through your nose, you would look downward. The water will be pushed out through the purge valve.

See the video below for another demonstration:

YouTube Channel: PADI

Stay safe and consult with a certified instructor for assistance on mastering this diving skill.