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Check out these funny videos of babies acting like personal trainers plus discover some cute workout-themed novelty gifts and toys for fitness families with infants.

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Fitness-Themed Novelty Toys & Gifts for Babies

WOD Toys Plush Fitness Set

Includes a plus baby barbell, kettlebell, medicine ball, and dumbbell.

For ages 0+.

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GUND Plush My Little Gym Bag Playset

Includes 8″ long plush sports gym bag with touch and close fasteners, sports bag, baseball sound toy, basketball squeak toy, soccer ball crinkle toy, and football rattle.

For ages 0+.

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Fisher-Price Baby Biceps Gift Set

Includes a soft wearable headband, play dumbbell, pretend protein shake, and lightweight kettle bell teether handle.

For ages 3 months and older.

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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Countin’ Reps Dumbbell Rattle Toy

Features fun music, sounds, and colorful lights.

For ages 6-36 months.

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Daddy’s Future Lifting Partner One-Piece Baby Bodysuit

For ages 0-24 months.

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Kiddey 6′ Multicolored Play Tunnel for Kids

This colorful and portable play tunnel helps your child explore, crawl and play. The sides are made with breathable mesh and the interior is softly padded for knees.

For ages 24 months and older.

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