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From thin frame mirrors that can be wall-mounted as well as standing/leaning to shatterproof gym mirrors, commercial LED backlit and more, check out these interesting 65″+ home gym mirror ideas.

65 Inch Mirrors

Thin Aluminum Frame Mirror

This full length mirror from NeuType measures 65″x22″ and its thin, alluminum alloy black frame is only 0.16″ wide on the front.

The high definition glass and mirror features explosion-proof membrane and scatter prevention for safety. It has also been coated with silver nitrate, anti-rust treatment to prevent oxidation and rust.

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Slim PS Frame Mirror

This slim dressing mirror with classic PS cheval frame by Hans & Alice measures 65″x24″ and it features a built-in stand if you don’t want to hang it on the wall.

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Commercial LED Backlit Mirror with Touch Screen

If you are looking for commercial grade full length back lighted mirrors, check out this LED backlit mirror by Hans & Alice. Measuring 65″x22″, this easy-to-install mirror can be wall mounted vertically and includes all mounting hardware. The energy saving, no-flicker LED lighted mirror lasts more than 50,000 hours and features a 6500k white color light.

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Anti-Fog, Waterproof, Dimmable Lighted Mirror

This large, full length backlit mirror by NeuType measures 65″x22″ and offers some unique features:

  • Its waterproof light strip has been tested and makes the backlit mirror approved for bathroom use.
  • Its smart button serves two purposes: dimming (from warm white to neutral white to cold white) and defogging.

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67 Inch Mirrors & More

If you are looking for rectangular mirrors larger than 65″, BrandtWorks offers this barn wood style full length floor vanity wall mirrors in two sizes:

See the 0.75″ x 33″ x 67″ size on Amazon

See the 0.75″ x 33″ x 72″ size on Amazon

These 47″x31″ flat polished edge frameless mirrors by H & A also work perfectly as garage gym mirrors and dance studio mirrors for home.

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