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What Is Food Combining?

Food combining refers to the practice of pairing particular foods with each other to aid in the absorption of certain nutrients while ensuring that other food combinations are not consumed together in the same meal as they have the opposite effect of blocking the absorption of other nutrients and slowing down the digestive process.

Below are some examples of food combinations that can significantly improve the digestion and absorption of different nutrients as well as prevent the occurrence of harmful toxins from making a negative impact on your health:

  • Salads and Fat
    Many raw vegetables contain disease-fighting carotenoids, but carotenoids are hard to absorb. Fat helps your body absorb more carotenoids. For example, eating three cooked eggs with your salad can help you absorb more than three times as many carotenoids. You can also use other healthy fats such as a drizzle of oil-based dressing, avocado, or fatty fish like salmon.
  • Meat and Rosemary
    Cooking meat at high temperatures forms heterocyclic amines, which has been linked to certain cancers in animals (population studies have not yet shown a definitive link in humans). However, rosemary has antioxidants that help prevent heterocyclic amines from forming, and adding rosemary before cooking reduces the heterocyclic amines by 50 to 90%.
  • Sweet Potatoes and Spinach
    Your body needs zinc to transport Vitamin A in the blood, so eating foods that are high in zinc, like spinach, can help your body use the Vitamin A offered by foods rich in the micronutrient, like sweet potatoes.

The Complete Book of Food Combining by Kathryn Marsden

There are extensive guides available as to how to implement the practice of food combining into your daily meal planning, but if you want an introduction to food combining that makes it as simple and straightforward as possible to get started, The Complete Book of Food Combining by Kathryn Marsden explains everything you’ll ever need to know about food combining in one easy-to-follow volume.

Kathryn’s book includes:

  • Essential principles of following the food combining diet, including food combining rules and food combining charts
  • Benefits of food combining, such as weight loss, alleviating stress, and improving food allergies
  • Food combining recipes and meal plan ideas
  • And more.

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