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What Do Aquarium Divers Do?
How To Become An Aquarium Diver

What Do Aquarium Divers Do?

Aquarium divers perform many important underwater maintenance tasks with a wide range of responsibilities that depend on the specifics of the plant and animal life in each aquarium as well as the size of the tank, whether it is marine vs. freshwater, and more.

Some aquarium divers focus primarily on servicing equipment. They observe, test and repair electrical, structural, mechanical and plumbing components as well as carry out any other maintenance duties required.

Other aquarium divers specialize in the study of biology, water science, filtration chemistry, and how to care for the species in the aquarium.

Equally as important are aquarium divers who keep the aquatic environment clean by scrubbing rocks and decor, vacuuming gravel, buffing windows, pressure washing, adjusting lighting, and rearranging rocks and sand as necessary.

Together as a team, aquarium divers contribute to a healthy and sustainable aquarium and make it possible for visitors to observe – and sometimes also be able to dive into – a world they would otherwise not be able to experience.

Check out these videos that follow “a day in the life of” aquarium divers:

YouTube Channel: Greater Cleveland Aquarium
YouTube Channel: Georgia Aquarium

How To Become An Aquarium Diver

If you are interested in becoming an aquarium diver, one of the first things you can do to get some experience is to check your local zoos and aquariums for volunteer opportunities. Be sure to ask about their minimum requirements for available opportunities and be ready to communicate your diving and swimming skills, comfort level, any scuba certification types, and any other relevant experience.