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If you can track it, you can change it!

If you’ve ever been on a weight loss journey or a muscle building mission, you may have heard this quote. Studies have shown that if you track your progress with a health and fitness log of some sort, be it printed or digital, it helps you achieve your goals much faster and helps you stay on track in the long run!

Here’s a look at three of the best fitness journals for tracking your health & fitness goals and progress.

1. Track Your Fitness Journal

The most popular of all fitness tracking journals, the “Track Your Fitness” activity diary, is not just another flimsy little notebook. This sturdy notebook has wire binding with thick, durable pages that won’t easily rip or tear. It also has a thick, laminated cover so you can throw this in a gym bag or the backseat of your car and it will hold up pretty well.

One of the things that sets this journal apart from so many others is that it was created with the science of exercise in mind and has been endorsed by personal trainers and military fitness experts. Not only can you log your workouts in this book, but it also gives you hints and tips along with graphics and exercises that you can do to target specific muscles.

This book also has plenty of blank workout log pages for you and you can log your entire workout on a single page. With 144 Total Pages (126 blank workout log pages), it has enough pages that if you worked out 5 days a week, it would take more than 6 months to fill it.

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2. Fitbook

Next up is a very popular 12 week goal setting journal called the Fitbook. There are a variety of journals available under Fitbook. The 12 week journal is the “Advanced Goal Getter” version and includes a variety of activity logging options, including a daily exercise and food log, goals and rewards planning, inspirational quotes and healthy tips, body measurements and even a free app download to help you set and achieve a realistic, healthy 12-week goal.

Though on the smaller side in a square 5.5″ x 5.5″ format, this health and fitness tracking journal has plenty of room for writing and has thick pages so writing does not bleed through to the other side of the page. A few other features of the book include a small pen, a bookmark strap to mark your place, a sleeve to slide in recipe and workout pages and also a slot to hold a gym card or extra cash.

Each of the daily log pages includes places to include your workout times as well as checkboxes for body parts focused on that day as well as type of exercise done, such as strength, cardio or flexibility. This goal tracking diary is best for those experienced with tracking already, but they do offer a variety of other planners for beginners.

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3. SaltWrap Daily Fitness Planner

Last but certainly not least is a very nice daily fitness and goal tracking planner, SaltWrap. This is the largest of the 3 journals here measuring 7 x 10 inches.

It has a total of 280 pages and has pages for 7 days a week for 16 weeks. This journal also includes thick pages and a sturdy cover to withstand the wear of being frequently carried around and tossed in the car or gym bag.

SaltWrap offers a variety of logging options with a minimalist design allowing for a lot of flexibility and logging only what you need or want.

One of the other neat features this fitness planner has is the “Weekly Review” logging. It includes areas for you to rate your performance, energy, joint health and mindset each week as well as “Lessons Learned” section to help you reflect on your progress for the week.

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